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Check out a noteworthy contribution of Hotmail customer service number

It is hard to visualize a day without telephone service in the present context. Not only in personal life, in professional life, no one can deny the advantages of telephonic conversation. In any service providing industry if people look for instant communication then telephonic communication will come first. Hotmail technicians know the importance of it and arrange a Hotmail customer service number. They aim to provide instant services for users to solve any type of problem. From the beginning, they make themselves available through this number. So if anyone needs how to create a Hotmail account or how to protect their account from hackers, then through this number they will receive an instant solution. Account security is the most desirable thing for all email users. That’s why Hotmail experts always give fast response through this number.

Hotmail customer service

Hotmail customer service

Most Hotmail users are incognizant about the variety of Hotmail login problems. As a result, sometimes they apply the wrong password recovery method to get back their accounts. So let’s check out the different type of Hotmail login issue and their reasons below-

Different type of Hotmail login issue and reasons-

With the help of Hotmail customer service number, technicians explained that different types of login problem create hazards in users’ life-

  • Login problem due to forgotten password issue

Some users change their password routinely which makes them confused about which one the actual password. Some Hotmail users access their accounts rarely, as a result, they forget the password.

  • Login problem due to the hacking issue-

Hotmail hacked account is the worst nightmare for all users. But sometimes they failed to protect their account despite applying different tricks.

  • Login problem due to the outdated browser-

With the help of Hotmail customer service numbers, users can learn how to check browser conditions and when it expires, how to update it.

  • Login problem due to blocked account followed by wrong password or irregular activity-

Some Hotmail users failed to login own account as they entered the wrong password. If they repeat the wrong password then after a certain time, they will have Hotmail blocked account. It is another type of Hotmail login issue.

  • Login problem due to server/internet related connection-

In some cases, Hotmail users failed to access own account due to server or internet connection related issue. Users can get solutions if they dial Hotmail customer service number and talk to the experts directly.

Why Hotmail users face hacking attacks?

Hotmail login issue due to hacking attack is one of the common and scared issues to the users. They think ‘’I have followed all rules and regulations then why we are facing such a problem’’? But in reality, the situation is different. Logging out from the Hotmail account each time cannot be the solution to the hacking attack. If they ask the Hotmail technical team through Hotmail customer service number then they will be able to recognize their faults and the loophole regarding account security. They need to find out why they are going through a hacking attack at first. After that, with the help of Hotmail Supportthey can change the password.

Hotmail hacking issue occurs mainly when –

  • When the users shared their password with strangers.
  • The users keep using public internet without antivirus.
  • As the users did not lock their device with a password and anyone can get access to it.
  • Users did not pay attention to the strength level of the password.

But Hotmail users don’t require to worry much as if they failed to login own account, then with the help of Hotmail customer service number they can change the password. The entire method has been discussed below-

  • Step 1-Users need to visit the authorized Hotmail website.
  • Step2- Users will be instructed to click on the box ‘’can’t access my account’’.
  • Step-3 Users will be instructed to click on ‘’reset your password’’.
  • Step-4 Users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot (specifically that particular blocked account).
  • Step-5 Users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that users have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. An audio option is available for them if they are unable to read that Captcha word.
  • Step-6 Users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’.
  • Step-7 Users will see a ‘’recover your Hotmail account’ ’option, where users will be instructed to mention alternative email id.
  • Step-8 Users will have a display of the ‘’account info’’ page on the screen. Then they have to provide some information (related to account) and finally they need to press the ‘’submit’’ option.